Donnerstag, 25. August 2016


"The Shaolin Disciple is unapologetically gritty with an unstoppable hunger for the mic and the production on this EP is superb. Kung fu elements play perfectly with the heavy boom bap beats reminiscent of hip hop's glory days" - Locksmith of the Jade Palace Guard

If you are a diehard KUNG FU movie fan, you must know OF THE epic stories of the ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN. Upcoming underground lyricist SHAOLIN DISCIPLE serves up his HIP-HOP interpretation of said story backed by a Boom Bap crew of KUNG FU beat maker assassins from around the globe. Producers KLINGING SWORDS, QAMAR KNIGHT , AND SHU MELODY bring the sound of this bloody story and SHAOLIN DISCIPLE'S raw lyrics and flow deliver the death cut! This is raw uncut hip hop with that KUNG FU twist reminisant of classic
WU TANG that the JADE PALACE GUARD has to give a nod to.

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